What We Do

Writing together

Writing together

Woven Dialog Writing Workshops® are process-oriented writing workshops designed to facilitate experiences of wholeness and transformation. Whether taken for growth or for healing, the workshops invite participants to explore their creativity and inherent healing resources.


  • to learn methods of unlocking the healing powers of the unconscious
  • to develop self-compassion as they discover their unique voice
  • to find a supportive, nurturing atmosphere that allows for a safe exploration of feelings
  • to reduce stress
  • to have fun!


In a Woven Dialog Writing Workshop®, a small group of people gather to write and share their writings.  Poetry, images, fairy tales, and others’ work is used to seed the imagination, but the primary texts are those created by participants themselves.  By learning active listening and by writing observations, members are able to reflect back to the writer their understanding of the text. This allows the writer to “see again” his or her writing, and to discover thoughts and feelings she may not have reflected on previously.  A group dynamic is created that allows for trust, support and containment of feelings.  Many participants have commented on the relief they have felt after writing a particular piece; others have said “I didn’t know I felt that way.”

Based on thorough research of best practices and tailored to each group’s needs, Woven Dialog Writing Workshops® create a supportive environment for healing through the practice of writing.

For interested organizations, we are offering a short presentation and workshop, fee-free, to introduce you to our workshops. On “Who We Serve” you will find descriptions of our current offerings, however, we are not limited to those offered. If you think WDW may provide added value for your clients, please feel free to query us at saratbaker@gmail.com or 706-714-8509.


Workshops can be designed as one-hour or one-day presentations, weekend or two week intensives, and six – ten week sessions; however, for correctional facilities six-ten weekly sessions are best. Longer sessions culminate with a reading of participants’ work. Generally, workshop enrollment is limited to 12 participants.

Sara Baker collaborate with facilities and agencies to procure funding for workshops.


All submissions to the website and publications, as well as participation in readings, are voluntary. HIPAA Laws are observed in health care settings. All workshops in health care settings are followed by a twenty-minute debrief session with staff and/or administrators.