Our Mission

Mission/ Vision Woven Dialog Writing Workshops®
Our Mission is to facilitate Healing through Creative Expression

Woven Dialog Writing Workshops® offers writing workshops providing developmental and therapeutic arts experiences to address the social-emotional needs of diverse populations in our community.

Professional writers guide individuals and groups through creative processes that promote self-expression, explore play as a vehicle for learning, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance well-being through imaginative, therapeutic and evidence-based methodologies.

Woven Dialog Writing Workshops® partners with established community non-profits to enhance/augment existing services by providing developmental and therapeutic writing opportunities. Part of the mission WDWW is to partner with the University of Georgia, the Medical Partnership, the School of Public Health, the School of Social Work, the Wilson Center for Humanities, and the Torrence Center for Creativity in order to explore  issues of assessment, appreciative inquiry, research in best practices, and in training humanities majors to work in the healthcare sector.

WDWW seeks funding from local donors as well as government and non-governmental grants, and uses a sliding fee scale for partner organizations. Our goal is to eventually provide our services free of charge. WDWW seeks to strengthen community and to be a leader in the community.

WDWW is committed to the nurture of its artists both as artists and as facilitators, through financial support, appropriate recognition, professional development, and by a culture of appreciative inquiry and professionalism.