Non-Profit Status of Woven Dialog Workshops

Woven Dialog Workshops operates as a non-profit through the umbrella sponsorship of Hope and Haven Initiative,, a non-profit dedicated to healing trauma using our inherent healing abilities. Because of our similar interests in healing trauma, Hope and Haven director David Bothe has agreed to sponsor Woven Dialog Workshops What this means is that you can make donations to us that are tax deductible. There will be a donate button on this page shortly. Although Woven Dialog Workshops intends to apply for 501 (3)(c) status,  at this time, this umbrella sponsorship allows us to start working right away.

What is an umbrella sponsorship?

In order for donors to receive tax credit, they must give to an IRS designated 501(c)3 organization. For small or new arts companies or groups that are starting up, gaining their own designation is cumbersome and expensive. By utilizing the HHI Umbrella Sponsorship these organizations can legally accept donations from supporters who will receive tax credit.

Here is a list of what an umbrella sponsorship provides:

  • The 501(c)3 non-profit umbrella in which donors may receive tax credit for their contribution
  • A document stating that our organization is officially using the non-profit’s status
  • The  address in case donors wish to donate directly and give the credit to the organization
  • The  IRS Federal Identification Number in case any donors need it and so WDW can purchase items tax-free
  • By  filing our yearly group tax return with your organization listed as a subordinate, you will not have to file your own IRS report
  • A year-end letter summarizing all transactions between our organization and the non-profit
  • All donors will receive a formal receipt for their donations.

For all intents and purposes, this umbrella sponsorship confers non-profit status.